UTNA.ORG, September 2, 2015: The recently concluded 12th Congress of TPLF has been the most anticipated in recent history. Various sources have confirmed the participants held open and frank discussions on many issues. Chief among them is the lack of good governance. A secret to the long survival of TPLF is having the right strategy (Mesmer) and a genuine working relationship with the public at grassroots level. Hence, lack of good governance is a direct threat to the very public trust that sustained the organization for so long. The 12th TPLF Congress participants ought to be commended for frankly deliberating on the issues that matter to the people. Of course this is not an end solution by itself. However, taking a hard look at oneself and recognizing a problem is a step in the right direction.


At the heart of the recent congress is also the issue of electing central committee members. More specifically whether the leadership succession is being implemented according to plan. There have been debates also on the clarity of the plan itself in terms of: 1. Retaining capable veteran leaders; 2. Bringing new/successors to the leadership position. People may hold various opinions on the subject, however, in the end most would agree its implementation requires a balancing act.


As much as people closely watched the congress and passionately debated the leadership succession plan, it is safe to say not many have taken their time to really know who most of the 45 elected central committee members are. To help this, UTNA.ORG did some research and following is a table that contains a brief profile of the newly elected TPLF Central Committee members. Note: As it is difficult to cross check facts, please keep in mind some of the listed positions may be outdated. Feedback is welcome at admin@utna.org and we will update our list as necessary.


No.  Name Current position
1 Abay Weldu TPLF chairman & President of Tigray regional state
2 Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael TPLF vice chair & Deputy Prime Minister
3 Azeb Mesfin Director of EFFORT 
4 Fetleworq Gebregziabher  Deputy director of Financial Security Agency?
5 Getachew Assefa Director of National Intelligence & Security
6 Abay Nebso Legal Standing Committee chair in parliament
7 Dr. Tedros Adhanom Foreign Minister 
8 Aregash Beyene Chief of South Eastern Zone
9 Dr. Addisalem Balema Director General of Ethio Commodity Exchange
10 Beyene Mekru Deputy Tigray president and Urban Development head 
11 Kiros Bitow Agricultural development bureau head
12 Dr. Abraham Tekeste State Minister of Finance and Econo. Development
13 Yalem Tsegay Labor and Social affairs bureau head
14 Kerya Ibrahim Women Affairs bureau head
15 Hadush Zenebe Security bureau head
16 Tewoldebrhan Tesfaalem Mekelle city mayor
17 Michael Abraha Chief, Central Zone
18 Tewolde Gebretsadqan Head of EPRDF Adddis Ababa branch office
19 Goitom Yibrah Chief, North Western Zone
20 Gobezay Weldearegay Educaiton bureau head
21 Dr. Gebrehiwot Gebregziabher Youth and Sports bureau head
22 Tesfaalem Yihdego Legal Justice bureau head
23 Hagos Godefay Health affairs bureau head
24 Alem Gebrewahid Water resources bureau head
25 Iyasu Tesfay Head of TPLF propaganda 
26 Haile Asfaha Chief, Southern Zone
27 Atsebeha Aregawi Member of Parliament & standing committee head
28 Berhane Tsigab Tax and Revenue bureau head
29 Mulu Kahsay Women Affairs bureau deputy head
30 Berhane Kidanemariam Director of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation
31 Daniel Assefa Finance and Planning bureau head
32 Getachew Reda Special advisor to the Prime Minister
33 Haftu Hadush Manager at Mesfin Industrial Engineering 
34 Gebremeskel Tareqegn Head of TPLF organizational affairs
35 Zenebech Fiseha Head of Tigray Women Association
36 Isayas Woldegiorgis Deputy Director of National Security & Intelligence
37 Kiros Hagos Standing committee head at Tigray state assembly 
38 Shishay Meresa TPLF Propaganda head in Central Zone
39 Berhane Gebreyesus Organizational Affairs head at TPLF Addis Ababa
40 Isayas Tadesse Chief, Western Zone (former?)
41 Nega Berhe Deputy head, Meles Acadmy In Addis Ababa
42 Mamu Gebregziabher Chief, Eastern Zone
43 Teklay Gebremedhin Deputy chief, Eastren Zone
44 Kidsan Nega Speaker of the Tigray state assembly
45 Yitebarek Amaha Director of Meles Academy in Tigray



The Threat of Jihadism on Eritrea (Tigrigna article)

by Rezene Habte


VOA Interview with political scientists from Mekelle University on the recently concluded 12th TPLF congress

Listen to Part 1    |   Listen to Part 2



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