On behalf of its members and supporters, UTNA wishes a happy anniversary of Ginbot to all peace loving Ethiopians!

A 17 years hard fought armed struggle was victoriously concluded 24 years ago today.

Eternal glory to those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of Ethiopians can live in peace & freedom!!


PM HailemariamEthiopia's 'placeholder' PM quietly holds on

It must be tough to be barely a few weeks into a new job and read articles and academic reports in which people theorise that you are unlikely to hold onto it for long.

That was the fate of Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn when he was shoved into the spotlight by the shock death of the country’s long-serving leader in 2012.

And Meles Zenawi, one of Africa’s most high-profile heads of state, was widely thought a tough act to follow.

Hailemariam, a well-respected technocrat, was little-known internationally and was seen by analysts as a compromise and placeholder candidate who would do as he was told by powerful backroom figures.

"Hailemariam Desalegn, Ethiopia's new leader, may not be in place for long," said a headline in an Associated Press article at the time.

Analysts, journalists and diplomats queued up to express fears for the transition and doubts about his ability. But, in the end, things went largely smoothly.

Party officials now say the handover of power was his first big success.

This weekend, Ethiopians will participate in their fifth election since rebels removed a military regime in 1991. But the insurgents-turned-rulers from the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) look likely to claim another comfortable victory with no viable opposition. 

Still, despite what looks to be a landslide win for the ruling coalition, the opposition may capture a handful of seats in their urban strongholds as voters protest poor public services and the ever-rising cost of living.

... But the opposition has been taken to task for a lack of policy alternatives, fragmentation, and disorganization. Critics argue that long-serving elitist opposition leaders are only interested in political posturing, and that the EPRDF is the only party capable of governing. Source and Details


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